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 Mbarara Workshop

Mbarara Workshop

Mbarara Workshop

On Friday 30th August 2019 UPRS held a workshop for Western Music Artists of at Oxford Inn Conventional Center, Mbarara. This workshop was attended by over 100 music artists and the purpose was to create awareness copyright and CMOs. The Chief Guest was re-known musician Mr. Daniel Kazibwe(Ragga Dee) who represented Maj. Gen. Elly Kayanja. The Chief Guest called for Unity among the music artists and advised them to start a SACCO to enable government to extent support to them. The Chief Guest further encouraged them to join UPRS for ease of collective management of their works. He thanked URSB for the efforts towards re-organizing UPRS and sponsoring all workshops so far. URSB encouraged the participants to register their works and their businesses.

Musicians are more united and more interested in protecting their work and they appreciated URSB for the support.

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