Copyright Law

Uganda Performing Right Society derives its mandate to operate from the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act of 2006 (the Act) and is regulated by the Uganda Registration Services Bureau.

The Act spells out how one obtains copyright or neighboring right; what qualifies to be protected under the Act; provides for how protected works may be exploited by third parties; the duration of rights protected under the Act, and creates offenses for infringement of copyright and neighboring rights.

It also provides for civil sanctions and remedies for breaching copyright and neighboring rights by individuals and bodies of persons.

Click on the links below to download the Act and the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Regulations 2010.

Copyright and Neighboring Rights Act 2006

Copyright Regulations 2010


  1. URRO Uganda Reproduction Rights Organization
URRO protects copyright, licenses users of copyrighted works, collects fees, and distributes royalties on behalf of writers and publishers.
URRO is owned by copyright holders in literary works including authors, book publishers, newspaper and magazine publishers, visual artists, photographers, etc

     2. UFMI Uganda Federation of Movie Industry

Uganda Federation of Movie Industry (UFMI) is the audiovisual Collective Management Organization in Uganda that was formed by audiovisual rights owners in 2001, registered with the Registrar of companies as a Non-Profit Making Organization in 2006, and as a Collecting Society for the audiovisual works in 2011.

UFMI is mandated to represent, protect and promote the social-economic interests of audiovisual Authors, Performers and Producers in Uganda and foreigners through reciprocal representation. UFMI manages both reproduction and public performance rights.