Music Creators Frequently Asked Questions


1. A copy of the work being notified on a CD.
2. Receipts/ contract agreements for both commissioned works and joint copyright ownership (group works).
3. Two recent passport-size photographs.
4. Photocopy of National Identity Card.
5. A copy of an identity/passport/birth certificate for next of kin (if less than 16 years), he/she should be accompanied by a parent or a guardian who has a National Identity Card.
6. Names of group members & a nominated representative if it’s a group band choir.
7. Death certificate and letter of administration from the court of law if applying on behalf of a deceased person.
8. Bank account and mobile money account details of the applicant.
9. Applicant’s URA TIN Number.
10. Each member must have mobile contact.


1. A copy of the certificate of incorporation or business name;
2. Works published by the company or business entity on a CD.
3. Copies of contracts/ agreements between the publisher / Producer and the composers/authors/writers;
4. Names and nationalities of all Directors or partners of the publishing Record Label company;
5. Two (2) passport-size photographs.
6. A copy of the National Identity cards of the representative/s;
7. Company resolution appointing the representative/s;
8. Company resolution to join UPRS;
9. Preferred bank account number of the publishing / Record Label company.
10. TIN certificate of registration.
11. Company Form 20

Question:     What is UPRS’s main role?
Answer: UPRS’s main role is to collect royalties through licensing agreements with music users. These licenses cover all kinds of music use, whether it’s for digital, broadcast, or public performance. Royalties are then paid to our members when their music work is performed, broadcasted, streamed, downloaded, reproduced, played in public, or used in film and TV.

Question:    Who gets UPRS royalties?
Answer:     A registered Member of UPRS whose musical works have been used in public places using music for business purposes. (That is When your music receives airplay).

Question:     What are those public places using music?
Answer:    Gyms, Bars, Gardens, Pubs, Beaches, Clubs, Discotheques, Hotels, Restaurants, Juke Boxes, Live Music Performances, Radios, Televisions, and similar places.

Question:     How do UPRS split royalties between Songwriters (Authors/Lyricist and Composers) and Publishers?
Answer:    One half is designated for the songwriter(s), and the other half is designated for the publisher(s) or copyright holder(s). If you do not have a publisher, you will also receive the publisher’s share as a writer. (NOTE: In case of an Agreement is made, then we follow that agreement)

Question:     When are royalties paid?
Answer:    Members receive royalties every year through three main payouts:
a)    General royalties’ distribution (Performances in public places like Bars, Gardens, Pubs, Beaches, Clubs, Discotheques, Hotels, Restaurants, and Juke Boxes among others),
b)    Radios and Televisions royalty distribution,
c)    And lastly Foreign, Online and Sound recording royalties’ distribution

What if I’m a member, but my co-writer is not?

You can register the song, indicating the division of ownership shares, and we’ll distribute your portion to you.
Your co-writer will, unfortunately, not collect until they join UPRS or an affiliated international Collective Management Organization – CMOs.

Can I still be a member if I am a resident overseas?

The simple and short answer to this question is YES.
Though you might be a resident outside of Uganda does not affect your ability to become a member of UPRS so as long as you fulfill the requirements.


Can I copyright the name of my Band/Group?

Copyright law does not apply to names.
You do however have two possible options to help protect the name of your band.
Firstly, you could register the name of the band with the Companies Registration Office, and should anyone else try to register this name they will be told of your existence.

You could also register your name as a trademark or service mark, and this can be done through the Patents Office.
For more comprehensive information regarding both of these processes and the associated costs involved, you should contact this office directly, URSB.


How does UPRS calculate royalties for members whose works have been used (exploited) by commercial music users?

Royalty payable to the Rightful Right Owners in any declared song is calculated based on the following:
1. Frequency: The number of plays per song (work) on Radios, Televisions, Events, e.t.c. i.e. The more the song is played, the more the money, and vice versa.
2. Duration: How long the song (work) is played in an event, on radio, Television, e.t.c. i.e. The longer the duration of the song, the more the money, and vice versa.
NOTE: UPRS has an advanced Membership Management System (WIPO Connect) that Scientifically calculates and Automatically allocates royalty due to each right holder in any Work assigned to the Society once that work has been used by licensed music users.

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