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IFPI Training Workshop


UPRS Staff Team ( Licensing Team ) during the music licensing training by The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry ( IFPI ).
– This training workshop was intended to help UPRS to license and generate commercial value for music through every available channel across the world.
– IFPI demonstrates recorded music’s economic value in creating growth, jobs and investment, and its cultural value to society and in people’s lives.
– IFPI works to make sure that the rights of its members, who create, produce and invest in music, are properly protected and enforced.
Among the Intellectual Property Experts were Mr. Rob Hooijer – Johannesburg, Mr. Adipo Otieno – Nairobi, Ms. Angela Ndambuki – Nairobi.

REMEMBER : A CMO (UPRS) is a one-stop shop for commercial users of music like Radios, Tvs, Hotels, Bars, Clubs, Banks, Offices e.t.c…

THEN: What is Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights?

– Collective management is one option within the copyright system that requires or allows rights holders to administer their rights through a Collective Management Organization ( CMO – UPRS ).
– Managing copyright and related rights individually may not always be realistic.
– An author, performer or producer, for instance, cannot contact every single radio station to negotiate licenses and remuneration for the use of their songs.
– On the other side, it is not practical for a radio station to seek specific permission from every author, performer and producer for the use of each song.
– UPRS facilitates rights clearance in the interest of both parties and economic reward for rights holders.

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