The Value of Music to you Business.

UPRS makes the music users task very simple for very moderate annual or monthly payments, UPRS issues a license authorizing a license to use music in the worldwide repertoire which UPRS represents. Having made the payments, the licensee is secure is secure that UPRS holds him or her covered and that he or she can perform music from UPRS repertoire without fear of being sued for infringement of copyright .

We assist you to access world music works easily and legally

The value of music can be rewarded

To reward and respect the value of creator’s musical works, most countries around the world have copy right laws. Uganda is one such country and it is one such country and it is in this context that UPRS’ work is concerned with the right to perform music in public including the right to broadcast it. What this means is that no one may give a performance of music in public without prior permission of copyright owner, because this would constitute to infringement of copyright. But if everyone who wanted to use music in public, every hotel or restaurant proprietor playing music to entertain customers; every industrialist using ‘music while you work in the factory’ every concert organizer every ‘disco’ proprietor, every broadcaster; and all others had to negotiate differently with copyright owner concerned (often in different countries) chaos would reign. The cost of the user would be enormous.

UPRS your one stop shop to a copyright license.

Like SAMRO in South Africa, SPA in Portugal, COSOMA in Malawi, UPRS the main body in Uganda representing music performing rights. UPRS’ key function is to administer the non-dramatic performing transmission making available and broadcasting rights in musical rights of members and the members of affiliated societies. This UPRS does by functioning as a collective administration society that negotiates ‘blanket licenses’ with music users who have access to UPRS extensive repertoire of copyright musical works.
UPRS’ membership is based on direct membership of composers, authors, translators, arrangers and music publishers as well as members of its affiliated societies. The relationship with affiliated societies is through bi-lateral agreements for protection of intellectual property or Berne convention.

Just How Valuable is Music to Your Business.

It is no secret that music plays an important role in the lives of just everyone living in this country enhancing our moods, providing a sound track to our teenage years, comforting us in a time of hardship, welcoming a new life in the world and probably about a million more things music does. But there is no time that music plays a powerful role in the economy including Uganda. The music industry itself contributes to the GDP in a myriad ways through the businesses of record companies, publishing companies, music retailers’, the live music sector and a great deal more. This is however far more subtle yet significantly impactful way in which music plays an important way in which music plays a role in the Ugandan economy, and that is value it has for business throughout the Ugandan country.

Hard Evidence That Music Increases Customer Spend

Anyone in business will know that we are not talking about CD’s or the cassettes available on the shelves at the countries music retailers’ shops (even though this is an impressive